I was looking through my computer while composing an investor package for a VC who is interested in evaluating a startup I’ve been developing for the last year, and I found an essay I forgot I wrote for a class at Full Sail University in Orlando. Florida, USA where I studied Video Game Development. Reading it 9 years later, moved me so much, I felt a need to share it.

Goals Essay

Many young people progress throughout life with no goals or direction. For as long as I can remember I have had goals which to this very day I wake up and work my hardest to accomplish. An unfortunate motivation has been witnessing my friends who didn’t have a direction and succumbing to senseless death. I am young, motivated, and have a long way to go before I accomplish my goals.

I was told later in my life that at 4 years old while playing video games I used to tell my parents I want to make them and…

At times it feels like a dream. At times it feels like a nightmare. We have woven an advanced series of cultures, social structures, and processes together through thousands of years of iteration, and trial & error which has propelled the advancement of our species. Allowing us to know what we know today.

This is the construct.

At the time of reading this you likely have more access to information through your phone, or computer, than any single living person 100 years ago today had in their entire lifetime combined.

Leading up to my last year of building and working…


For years there has been a conversation around Artificial Intelligence becoming so strong and so universally informed that it can become a threat to the continuity of humanity. As artificial intelligence continues to grow in production use today, we are uncovering different aspects where there is a lot of risk.

I’m Dominick Romano, and as an engineer with a background in Video Game Development, Digital Marketing, and Enterprise Software Development, I spent the last year inventing what the platform should be to harness, control, and power AI of the future and reduce associated risk. An Operating System for Artificial Intelligence…

Dom Romano

Engineer, Inventor, Founder @ drainpipe.io™

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